• Proof of Performance – SignalTEK CT - Data Cable Transmission Tester
  • Fast – Autotest provides proof of copper cable performance in three simple steps
  • Performance – Second handset allows Gigabit data traffic to be transmitted in a real world scenario
  • Intuitive – Automatic generation of PDF reports uploaded to USB memory stick without a PC

What it is

The new SignalTEK CT issues a PDF report to prove that your installed data cables can carry Gigabit Ethernet traffic at full speed with no errors, and confirms correct wiremap results.

For installers, this means having a cost-effective way to demonstrate that the copper cabling was installed correctly and is capable of supporting Ethernet applications. By proving real world performance, SignalTEK CT confirms a professional job - reducing the risk of call backs.

SignalTEK CT also gives network owners the assurance that installed cabling will support bandwidth hungry services like VoIP, IP CCTV and video streaming following moves, adds and changes.

  • Fast – Autotest provides proof of copper cable performance in three simple steps.
  • Performance – Second handset allows Gigabit data traffic to be transmitted in a real world scenario.
  • Intuitive – Automatic generation of PDF reports uploaded to USB memory stick without a PC.
  • Dependable – Test to the IEEE802.3ab standard.


Autotest from remote unit for one person testing

Easy transfer of test results using USB memory stick

Replaceable RJ-45 contacts

Today’s challenge

The foundation of all Ethernet networks is the physical cabling. As networks become faster and more complex they become more susceptible to disruption from external interference as well as faulty cabling and or connectors. These physical layer problems can cause a high number of server re-transmissions resulting in network drop-out or slow connection speeds.

If network performance issues are to be avoided, today’s installers and technicians need test equipment that not only verifies correct wiring but also confirms a link’s ability to transmit data at full rate.


Tomorrow‘s solution

Uniquely SignalTEK CT proves a link’s ability to support Gigabit applications by performing two primary tests; data transmission and wiremap testing.

With a single press of the Autotest button, SignalTEK CT transmits 823,452 data frames between the two handsets and reports any transmission errors against performance criteria laid down by the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet Standard.

It takes only 1 bit of data to get corrupted or lost to give rise to a transmission test failure.

Autotest also measures cable length and checks for wiring faults such as crossed pairs, opens, shorts and split pairs.

Simple pass/fail results are displayed once the Autotest is complete which can be automatically saved for later review or download.



Testing as simple as 1-2-3

Step 1

Enter job information

  • 8 user defined fields available
  • Up to 50 individual jobs
  • Job information automatically included in the test report documentation

Step 2

Press Autotest & review test results

  • Autotest runs both the data and wiremap tests and can be initiated from either handset allowing one person testing
  • Max. of 5000 tests saved in internal memory
  • Clear Pass/Fail summary
  • Detailed results of individual tests

Step 3

Download reports

  • Choice of PDF or CSV report formats
  • Option to upload all tests or only passed/failed results to USB
  • Save to USB memory stick for import into PC for later report generation

Features & Benefits

Wiremap results screen

Data test results screen

Fast & Flexible

  • Fast Autotest provides proof of network performance in seconds
  • USB port enables rapid transfer of test results to memory stick
  • Support for shielded and unshielded twisted pair cable including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7 (TIA 568A and 568B wiring schemes)
  • Stores up to 5000 tests to accommodate even the largest jobs
  • Ability to identify and trace cables with a compatible amplifier probe (62-164)



  • Automatic generation of PDF format test reports makes documentation effortless
  • User-friendly menu structure for trouble-free operation and minimal training
  • Simple cable naming and job creation enhances on-site productivity



  • Tests against IEEE802.3ab to assure cable performance against a recognised international standard
  • Field replaceable RJ-45 contacts eliminate downtime from worn or damaged connectors
  • Rugged design provides protection against knocks in the field
  • No requirement for annual calibration reducing cost of ownership

Test Reporting

SignalTEK CT automatically generates test reports in PDF format. Reports can be uploaded to a removable USB memory stick for later PC import.

The summary page of each report can be customised to include logo, company and operator details.

The summary provides an overview for each link tested including date and time of test, the overall result of the wiremap and data tests, the Ethernet rates that the cable can support, and the individual and total cable lengths.

Detailed information relating to each tested link is reported on subsequent pages. This includes a graphical image of the wiremap, pass/fail information, length per pair, frame errors and data rate.

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  • If the SignalTEK CT is now a transmission tester, does that mean that the SignalTEK II is a qualifier?

    The SignalTEK II and SignalTEK II FO are also transmission testers - both with active capabilities. We have been referring to them as qualifiers in the past, but a review of functionalities of our products and those of our competitors have shown that our SignalTEK II is superior to the testers that our competitors call qualifiers.

  • What is the difference between a "qualifier" and a "transmission tester"

    "Qualifier" or "qualification testers" try to determine if Ethernet might work on cabling by running an un-calibrated measurement of physical parameters like signal-to-noise-ratio and delay. The problem with those tests is that they a) have no traceable accuracy to international standards and therefore have only a very limited reliability and b) are often only done single sided. The testers give a more or less reliable indication that Ethernet might work, but are not able to prove that. Additionally these testers are only able to perform this limited test on the structured cabling itself, but not through an Ethernet network.

  • What is a transmission tester

    "Transmission testers" transmit Ethernet packages according to IEEE 802.3 on a link.
    By running 100Mbit/s or 1000Mbit/s Ethernet at 100% load on that link from both sides of the link, these testers give users a clear reading if the link really can support the desired Ethernet speed. IEEE802.3 specifies a maximum bit error rate for every Ethernet speed. By running Ethernet packets bidirectional over a link, transmission testers are able to clearly determine if the link performs to the maximum bit error rate by simply counting the transmitted and lost bits or packets. Depending on the transmission tester, these tests can be done on the structured cabling, but also on a live Ethernet network.

  • Which tester should I use if I require transmission tests on a live LAN ie including active Ethernet devices?

    SignalTEK II for copper and SignalTEK FO for fibre optic.

  • Which tester should I use if I require transmission tests on structured copper cable only ie no active Ethernet devices.

    SignalTEK CT.

  • Which tester should I use if I require transmission test through a WAN?

    UniPRO MGig1/SEL1.

  • What software does SignalTEK CT require to generate PDF’s?

    No software required. PDF’s are generated directly on the tester.

  • Is there any technical support available?

    Yes, we include comprehensive manuals with every SignalTEK CT and if you need further assistance we have the following technical hot lines:

    France: +33(0)169355471
    Germany: +49(0)8999686200
    UK: +44(0)1925444446